beCAD® Web

beCAD Web is our complete all-in-one design tool. Loved by exhibition designers and project managers all over the world, beCAD makes creating beMatrix booths easy, with drag-and-drop functionality, project management tools, and a quotation tool. All these features are available online and on the beCAD platform!

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Intuitively create and preview your booth. Anywhere and everywhere.

  • Online platform, no downloading
  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Up-to-date product catalog
  • Automatic calculation of connectors

Automatically generate a parts lists and panel plans. Goodbye spreadsheets!

  • Generation of a full parts list
  • Generation of panel plans
  • Project management

Always profitable projects, always on time.

  • Instant quotation
  • Whenever/wherever
  • Edit and review functionality
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You get full access to all features, including panel plans and instant quotations.

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beCAD is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. However, if you need help, we are here to guide you through the tool if you need us.
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