Global Rental Network

Want to grow your business internationally without paying to ship frames to other countries? How about designing experiences for your clients without being limited by your stock? The Global Rental Network is your answer.

Global locations  Rental brochure

The Global Rental Network is a network of service centers with a large range of beMatrix products spread all over the world. Thanks to this network, you don’t have to ship your beMatrix stock to different countries. Instead, you can use the large local stock available at a global rental network center in that country. 

Global locations

Larger Range

Many beMatrix solutions available to create unique exhibit and event experiences

High Quality

You can expect beMatrix quality everywhere

No additional investment

No extra investment or storage space needed

Save on transportation

Rent close to your exhibit or event, and lower transportation costs

Excellent service

Meet your stock needs during peak season

A global rental network within reach

Our service centers are spread all over the world to give you the right product, at the right place, and for the right price. beMatrix service centers have a large range of frames, lighting and other beMatrix solutions to support you.

Short-term or long-term rental

We offer two different rental options to meet your needs. Contact us now for your personal rental solution. Your account manager will work with you to determine what the best option is for you.

We figure we’re saving about 30% of time on what it takes to build a typical 20 x 20 and under exhibit.
Chris Griffin, Trade Show Supply
The beAcdemy training was both informative and fun. It was a fully immersive experience that left me feeling like a beMatrix expert. The staff was helpful, the lectures were comprehensive and well thought out, and the hands-on experience was critical to understanding just how efficient and effective beMatrix truly is.
Elise Masur, Hargrove
I like the product very much because of the ability to scale it up or scale it down. Having beMatrix has allowed us to look at much larger projects and know that we can handle it.
Gery Hunter, Hunter Expositions
It’s given us the ability to offer more and make our clients unique to the neighboring exhibit.
Kevin Buchy, Visual Communications
It’s the team at beMatrix that helps us succeed as well as the product itself.
Michael McCord, Evo Exhibits
It’s so versatile, it allows us to really customize to client needs.
Michael Eng, Abstract Displays

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Interested in renting beMatrix products to enlarge your stock? Check out our rental brochure below!

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