beUniversity is a mix of video lectures and reading materials totaling over 17 lectures in three modules. beUniversity is designed to get you, or your staff, the product knowledge needed to work with our system.

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beUniversity™ gives you the tools and knowledge to build the amazing projects your clients want.

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The tools and knowledge to build amazing projects your clients want.

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What you'll learn inside beUniversity

beMatrix Basics: in this first module we’ll review the beMatrix basics. You’ll review 6 lessons and be given a test at the end. The courses are a mix of videos and reading materials.


In this module you will learn:

  • An overview of the basic components of our product

  • How to built with our product

  • An overview of our industry

  • Details on how beMatrix is a full 360 degree system

Beyond the frame

Here, we go beyond the frame and talk about some of the other services beMatrix provides to our customers.

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The tools and knowledge to build amazing exhibits your clients want.

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