Our mission is to be the best system for easy and sustainable exhibit and event building

Thanks to our continuous innovation & a product range with endless possibilities, beMatrix has become a real game changer in the exhibit and event building industry. Besides two production plants, beMatrix has several hubs across the globe, for rental, sales, and technical support.

The original frame system since 1993

Our Strategy

Our strategy consists of the following 5 key succes factors.

Team beMatrix USA at EXL

be the Best

Our skilled team is ready to deliver you great products with the best possible service. 

be the First

As a trendsetter in our industry, we are constantly innovating with you in mind. Our goal is to make things better, easier, and nicer, all while providing a higher return on investment for you.

be Everywhere

Since day one,  our ambition was and still is, to be globally present and create a global worldwide network of customers and local Rental Service Centers.

be Together

We have an open and honest cooperation both within our team and with our customers & suppliers.

be Sustainable

We're striving for a positive impact throughout the value chain of in industry with clear and sustainable goals. On top of that, we aim to be carbon neutral by 2026. Oh Yeah! 

Our values

Respect. Passion. Teamwork. 

These values are implemented in every decision taken at beMatrix, from the shop floor to management.



We are proud of what we do and of our achievements. We communicate in an authentic, honest and straightforward manner. And that is also how we promote a warm, dynamic and positive place to work.



We treat our stakeholders with respect. We listen to them and do everything to meet their needs and expectations, always taking the environment into account.



We work together, share our knowledge and support each other to achieve our common goals.

It’s the team at beMatrix that helps us succeed as well as the product itself.
Michael McCord, Evo Exhibits
It’s given us the ability to offer more and make our clients unique to the neighboring exhibit.
Kevin Buchy, Visual Communications
I like the product very much because of the ability to scale it up or scale it down. Having beMatrix has allowed us to look at much larger projects and know that we can handle it.
Gery Hunter, Hunter Expositions
We figure we’re saving about 30% of time on what it takes to build a typical 20 x 20 and under exhibit.
Chris Griffin, Trade Show Supply
8 years ago we switched our entire frame stock to beMatrix; from that moment on our business went interstellar. They are not our supplier, they are our partner. How many can say that about their suppliers?
Rob Brooks, Director Modex
Using the services of the beMatrix Rental network is like an inexhaustible expansion of our own stock. Hiring extra frames is particularly convenient for larger events. The impact on liquidity is smaller and we gain flexibility in serving our clients.
Christian Verel, Director Verel Interiors Expo Retail

Curious about our milestones? Take a trip down memory lane.

Starting in 1993 (with the invention of the frame with big holes) up until... today! 

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