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Welcome to beMatrix HQ

With the 2023 EuroShop stand in mind, we have completely revamped our showroom in Roeselare. Our very own beMatrix city, the city that never sleeps and never stops evolving! In a city, there are many different shops, cultures, shapes and materials. So many inspirations for you to draw on. 

Start your day with a coffee at the Foodtruck bar, spend the night in our hotel, view the beMatrix skyline from the Double Deck and end the evening with a drink in our very own Red Dot bar! Discover the showroom with all its details below!    


Welcome to beMatrix, Liza will take your coat, bring you a coffee and get you to your appointment! You immediately feel the beMatrix vibe with our welcome desk fully out of beMatrix: curves, plexi, panels and some neon bars. The beMatrix logo out lighted with 2 SAM Lights. Start your tour here!

Check out the 3D design!


Bus stop

At the entrance of the showroom we have a bus stop, made out of beMatrix straight and curved frames, an integrated beTV and a 62s Lightbox. We go for an ecological finish as much as possible, this means using a non-painted frame combined with a frame with black finish. The best of 2 worlds!

You see, this small setup immediately shows you the versatility of the beMatrix system in a 360° setup. Without too much material, you can create an instant eye-catcher!

Check out the 3D Design!

Bus stop
Bus stop

Global Rental Network

The bus stop reflects to our Global Rental Network. We have 10 rental and service centres in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. All the European ones are showcased on a textile mounted in our 62s Lightbox. You can rent beMatrix products and get support from certified professionals. On top of that we have 3 pickup points for emergency rental close to your event location.

Discover the advantages of the Global Rental Network

Bus stop


beTV is a professional retail 75” TV integrated in a b62 beMatrix frame with dimensions 992 x 1984. Here we’ve put the beTV in portrait installation, but landscape is also possible. On the tv we play our 62s movies in a loop to show you in 62 seconds the working and installation of the beMatrix range.

Watch the 62s movies Read more on the beTV 

Food truck

The food truck is the heart of the showroom. Customers are welcomed here with a coffee or can laugh and catch up with a beer at one of the iZi Bar High Tables. The large LEDskin® wall immediately catches the visitor's attention. On a daily basis we get cool projects dropped in our mailbox from our customers. We cannot help it but share some of these spectacular videos on our billboard.

Check out the 3D design!



The food truck is designed with materials from a real car, such as the wheels, mirror and lights. This emphasises that you can get creative and do customisation even with a modular system. Inside is a raised floor and practical storage space for our fridges, glasses and other consumables. The entire unit is finished with printed panels.

Get inspired by this 360 design



About 15 m² of integrated LEDskin® immediately grabs visitors' attention. Flashy images, seamless design, perfect colours... these are just some of the features of beMatrix LEDskin®. If you go big, you need our beTruss. Get a look behind the scenes and discover how the beTruss and LEDskin® perfectly join together: the connection pin, controller and cable storage space will hold no secrets for you!

Read more in our LEDskin® brochure


Special frames

The beMatrix frame system allows for any conceivable shape, outlines and constructions to be built. We always try to use our standard frames in designs, but can also manufacture customized frames for you. Those have the same quality, material, finish and longevity as a standard b62 frame. 

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In our small press shop, you can find our 4 big brochures: The System, Outdoor, Electronics and Xtreme. We also showcase our iZi furniture range with storage solutions in all sizes and formats. Everything is illuminated by the BIG SAM Light, the latest product in our lighting range.



In addition to the versatile beMatrix frame system, we offer the iZi-range: modular furniture such as bars, tables, displays and signage to add that final touch to your stand, conference or retail booth.

We placed an iZi-bar in front of our kiosk to serve as a storage space for brochures. The  iZi-table is finished with corrugated sheets. The rest of the kiosk with printed panels.

Discover our modular iZi-range



The BIG SAM Light is het perfect solution for equal illumination of large surfaces. The adjustable LED light gives you maximal flexibility as you can turn it 340°.

We mounted 3 BIG SAM Lights at the top of the kiosk to light out the surface perfectly.

Click here for more lighting solutions


Shelves & brackets

To present our brochures we used shelves and brackets in a 60° corner so that you can view all brochures from a distance in a glance.

Behind the kiosk we have a storage space where we used the shelf and tube bracket set to hang our clothes and the regular shelf brackets to store our brochure stock. Be sure to ask your guide to also view this behind the scenes. 😊

Choose which shelves and brackets fit your stand

Hotel tower

We’re always telling to reuse and because actions speak louder than words, we want to show you that this is possible and easy. The 8-metre-high hotel tower was the eye catcher of our EuroShop 2023 booth.

We actually brought the whole construction home and needed to do some magic to fit it in between our floor and roof! ;) All infill materials and frames are 100% re-used. Check out the aftermovie of EuroShop 2023 to spot the hotel tower


bePartner network

We have a network with partners verified by us who master print, LEDskin®, content, Double Deck, pop-OUT or design.The hotel tower was finished with AcoFelt, a panel made out of recycled PET from ocean waste that can be printed, milled and bent. Partner Plano Plastics advised us in this process. 

Our whole showroom was created and designed by beMasters Tailormate and Verel Building Experiences. Other partners in this process are Bitstream, specialists in LEDskin®, Whojo created all content for us, local printer MARKER printed stickers for the floor, walls and windows to create the full 'city' effect and VISIX printed all textiles for the full glam finish.

Looking for a bePartner, search for one in your region



If you go inside the hotel tower you can see the skeleton of the structure made out of frames and beTruss. beTruss allows you to build stands of any size, no matter how big, with one single system.

There's no need to bother with mounting points, because this structure is built from the ground up and not from rigging points.

Read more in the beTruss brochure

Red dot bar  

There’s so much to say about the Red Dot Bar! The first element that immediately catches the eye is the brick finish, made out of polyester. This high end finish shows you that a modular system doesn’t have to be boring, right? Next to this, you see the Glass Frame, perfectly fitting in between b62 frames.

Go inside through the one and only Glass Door, look up and be amazed by our ceiling drawing. Looks real, doesn't it? It is, however, a textile stretched over the entire surface. We have integrated a Track Light profile, 2 Lightboxes and neon circle lights by MARKER for a nice illumination of the room.

Red dot bar
Red dot bar

As we were so fond of our bar in the old showroom, we did not want to say goodbye to it. So we reused the curved frames for the new bar. As a finish, we chose to split the room in two: on the right we finished with standard materials. On the right we’ve gone for high end finishes. The perfect area to compare and discover what is possible.

PS: A cool nice to know is that the Red Dot bar is named after the Red Dot award that beMatrix won in 2017 with the launch of beMatrix LEDskin®!

Red dot bar
Red dot bar
Red dot bar

Track Light System

If you use standard lights in the event sector, it is common that the cabling is an issue. It looks untidy and is not easy to work with. Track Light System is the solution! It fits perfectly with our b62 frame.

Curious on how we have integrated this track light in the Red Dot bar?   

Check page 9 of the Lighting brochure

Red dot bar


Inside the Red Dot Bar you can spot our 62s sideLED Lightbox. This single sided lightbox of 62mm fits perfectly as a building block with b62 frames. We used this item to put some of our, so called, “beManiacs” in the spotlight thanks to a printed textile.

We can transform this room easily by changing the used textiles into new ones.

Check page 13 of the Lighting brochure

The green shop

Not all innovations have to be big, to have a big impact. In the shop you can discover new and useful parts in our product range. The entire façade is painted in our recognisable beMatrix original green and serves as a trip down memory lane of our clamp connectors.

PS: Maybe you recognise this zone… we’ve built up at EuroShop 2023 and brought home with us to our showroom. #reuse

Check out the 3D design!

Fast clamp connector

This new connector allows an even faster, easier, stronger and more sustainable toolless connection. It’s the first single one-hand connector. With one push on the button it activates an ingenious locking mechanism which tightens the frames. On top of that, the connector can be left in its position and remains one piece.

Dominiek will show you how it works in the video underneath.



Pop-IN is a flexible concept for indoor pop-up activities inspired by office interior, retail and trade shows. With the addition of just 2 elements to your existing range, you can open up a new world of opportunities.

Did you know that you can also put other panels than glass in the glass profile? We use our pop-IN  as a meeting room and finished it therefor with soundproof panels which ensure a silent environment. The perfect spot if you have a one-on-one talk! 


Glass frame

Glass gives your design that extra glam touch. Our glass frame allows you to integrate a glass section in your design and fits perfectly as a building block with a b62 frame. An eye catcher without too much hassle.

The pop-IN is not the only place we used a glass frame. Check the windows of the Red Dot Bar. It gives some glam right?

More on the glass frame in the pop-IN brochure


ProjectC! ™

If you go upstairs on the Double Deck, you can spot our ProjectC! ™ design on the roof of the pop-IN. We have set a goal of becoming carbon neutral in the next 3 years, by 2026, through an innovative initiative called Project C!™. This encourages our employees to reduce the companies and their individual carbon footprint.

Do you also want to make a difference and reduce your carbon footprint?

Read our 6.2 tips for building a sustainable exhibition stand


We have a podcast

PS: did you know we have a podcast? During 8 episodes we give you 6.2 tips for building a sustainable exhibition stand. We make this in-house, so it would be cool if you give it some love.

Go listen to our ProjectC! podcast

Double Deck

The Double Deck has been in our showroom for a while and serves as a rooftop to have a view all over our beMatrix city! We integrated curved LEDskin®, printed panels on the stairs and our newest addition: the glass railing. Check out no less than 12 metres of beTruss connected to the Double Deck. Underneath we have our door range playroom where you can test out every door in our assortment.

Check out the 3D design!

Double Deck

Glass railing

Our Double Deck construction has been used all over Europe by our bePartners and experts on that matter. We wanted to give the design a more expensive and high class look and therefore offer a glass railing solution. This railing consists of a U-profile that you attach with connectors. The glass can be put onto the U-profile.

Spot the glass railing on our EuroShop 2023 stand

Door Range

Door range

The perfect door doesn’t exist? It does! We have a complete range of single, double and curved pivot and sliding doors available for you. Most doors are used as a safety element to close off your storage space for visitors or as a separation element for your private meeting rooms.

You can choose to finish your door with add-ons like a combination lock and a door handle, both in stainless steel or textile available.

Find your perfect door

LEDskin® tunnel

Mind the gap and get on the beMatrix metro line. We created a LEDskin® tunnel inspired by the London tube. Our modules with pixel pitch 2.5 show the advantages and strengths of beMatrix LEDskin®. Straight and curved, inner and outer curve, we have it all! Check the smooth front and the technical back. No cables visible thanks to the holes in our frames and the finish with panels.

Check out the 3D design!



Stairway to heaven? A staircase does not always have to be boring. We chose to place a Lightbox above it using our new beConstruct profile. The picture is one of our new campaign of 2023: Better, faster, stronger and greener created by Proud Mary.


Event square

Take a moment to look up and relax through the clouds and rustling of the trees. This green place has been created with our new beConstruct profile, ideal large open stand designs. The beConstruct can be finished with beMatrix frames, panels, lightboxes and track light. You can spot them all at our event square, here in the showroom.

Check out the 3D design!



beConstruct is our new construction profile that lets you build big and open non load bearing constructions. It’s the perfect solution for designs that require a height that needs more than just frames but less than beTruss.

The new profile is light to build with which means faster build times and reduced labour costs. Connect your profiles with our patented  design 90° and 180° connector.

Read more in our beConstruct brochure 



Where can the beManiac refuel to go full steam ahead again after noon? This is in the "Refter" or lunch space. We wanted to create a green space with lots of light and serenity so that heads can rest a bit.

A TV shows you all the beMatrix news and if you want a homely atmosphere, we created a living room with a chesterfield sofa, including a blanket and a fake book wall in a big Lightbox.

PS: This room was fully designed and decorated by our marketing team :)

Discover our fantastic team of beManiacs


The Catacombs are crowned as the playground for stand & event builders. Here you can find any piece of beMatrix to inspect, feel and try out. We created different test booths for you with LEDskin®, Lightboxes, the beConstruct profile, straight and curved frames and so on. This way our account managers can show you immediately how a product works. 

If you look from the outside to the room you see custom frames which can open in different directions. We did that to create some dynamic and show the modularity of our system. Aluminum is not boring you see!  



We offer lightweight trolleys with frame separators to move and stock your frames easily. You can stock up to 24 b62 frames on two levels for efficient and compact stock management. This way, you can reduce on transport costs and emissions.

Check out the different options on our website


The Greenie

Stack, strap & ship with the new beMatrix Greenie, the successor of the Frame Separator. This new product has been created to make stock management and transport more compact and secure. Frames can be stacked by one person, corners are protected and all dimensions and shapes are possible to stack with this tiny green element.

Click on the picture and see how the Greenie can make your life easier.


The boardroom is our biggest meeting room in beMatrix HQ. There’s place for 10 people, you can present on a high quality beTV and the room be closed off by curtains for private meetings. The big eye catcher is the 124d sideLED lightbox above the table. We chose to finish the lightbox with a print featuring trees. 

A big shoutout to Rewind, who made us a carpet fully out of recycled materials. We continue this theme throughout our showroom and branding to emphasise our love for nature and sustainability ambitions.



You could already read about ProjectC!, our game plan of becoming carbon neutral by 2026, but sustainability is not a solo challenge. For this, we have to go back to the roots of beMatrix, the frame with big holes. As a first sustainable change, we created a modular, reusable and lightweight aluminium frame system. Later, we transformed the frames into ECO+ frames, by brushing the frames instead of anodise them. We already have done much, but can do more.

Read more on our sustainability on product level


Make impact

All of these efforts result in a positive impact on our people and the industry. Less transport costs, less emissions, do more with the same amount of staff and a lighter frame is better for their health … these are just a couple of examples of the many advantages of our sustainable choices. We want to positively impact the value chain of our industry and inspire them to do better!

Read more on our sustainability on industry level


Never heard of this weird word? Don’t worry, this is Dutch for porch. We gave this room this name because of the great presence of windows and light. The entrance of the small meeting room is created with the glass frame and integrated door. You can also spot a regular TV mounted with 2 brackets. We designed this last meeting room for one-on-one meetings on the support we can deliver with our MybeMatrix platform.

Check out the 3D design!



We at beMatrix want to be more than just a manufacturer. We help our clients before, during and after the completion of your project with specific services. Our clients can rely on many digital services and content such as our drawing tool beCAD, photo and video database Kontainer, technical manuals and more. Our specialists guide you through the tools with the goal that you become an expert.

Discover MybeMatrix here



beCAD is our easy 3D drawing software solution. We have 2 options for you to choose from to fit your design process best. beCAD web is our all-in-one tool, perfect for beginners and easy stand designs. beCAD inventor is an engine and plugin to add to your Inventor licence. This is for the more advanced designers among us with an Inventor license.

Choose the beCAD software which suits you best

The garden

Welcome outside to our small garden. Here we have our Outdoor range all set up with pop-OUT and UnderCovr. We created this range to respond to emerging pop-up and outdoor concepts. We saw that our customers were eager to take their beMatrix products outdoors, but needed some new additions to do so. Take a look around and take a breath of fresh air.



pop-OUT is a flexible product for outdoor pop-up activities. The structure contains a floor plate, a ceiling plate and four beams. This structure is easy to place with a forklift and can be finished with walls of frames or glass. We finished the structure with glass in the front and panels in the back to show the possibilities.

Read more in the pop-OUT brochure 



The UnderCovr is inspired on tent structures. We saw stand builders took their equipment outside and put it underneath a tent. We thought it could look better! UnderCovr is a single structure that offers sufficient strength and outdoor durability on its own. 

You can see here that you can finish it in your own creative way. We’ve mounted some neon lights and fabric to give the space a creative twist. Did you know that the UnderCovr structure can withstand windspeed of max. 80 km/h? Tested at beMatrix HQ during a storm 😉  

Discover all the possibilities in our brochure

And so ends your visit to the beMatrix city. We hope to have inspired you with our basic and slightly advanced designs with the modular beMatrix system. Do you want to come and discover the showroom in real life? Make sure to make an appointment!

PS: don’t forget to visit our toilets and push the button! 😉

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