Our mission is to be the leading system for easy and sustainable event building

The original frame system since 1993

Our Strategy

Our strategy consists of the following 5 key succes factors.

Niels & Jan

be the best

Our skilled team is up for the challenge to deliver you great products with the best possible service. 

be the first

As a trendsetter in our industry, we constantly think how we can make things better, easier, nicer and with a higher return for you.

be everywhere

Since day one we have the ambition to be globally present and create a worldwide network of customers, suppliers and Rental Service Centres.

be together

We have an open, honest and true cooperation both within our team and with our customers & suppliers.

be sustainable

We go for a positive impact in the complete value chain of our industry with clear sustainable goals. On top of that, we aim to be carbon neutral by 2026. Oh Yeah! 

AMBION is a full-service production company. We need smart and flexible materials that adapt to the dynamic needs of trade fairs, conferences, concerts and more. beMatrix delivers exactly this flexibility and is at the same time more sustainable than usual materials, as it is reusable.
Benjamin Krebs, AMBION GmbH
beMatrix is great. They offer continuous, round the clock support. The service on the ground is unparalleled!
Lewis Walters, Director Priority Graphics
In 2013 we bought our first frames from beMatrix and many more orders followed. We have not regretted the decision until today and are proud to have been able to rely on this strong partnership for so many years. Let's continue to rock the trade fair business together.
Jörg Fischer, Fischer Messe GmbH
8 years ago we switched our entire frame stock to beMatrix; from that moment on our business went interstellar. They are not our supplier, they are our partner. How many can say that about their suppliers?
Rob Brooks, Director Modex

Our values

Respect. Passion. Teamwork. 

These values are implemented in every decision taken at beMatrix, from the shop floor to the management.



We are proud of what we do and of our achievements. We communicate in an authentic, honest and straightforward manner. And that is also how we promote a warm, dynamic and positive place to work.



We treat our stakeholders with respect. We listen to them and do everything to meet their needs and expectations, always taking the environment into account.



We work together, share our knowledge and support each other to achieve our common goals.

beAnything - at beMatrix you can become whatever you want to be. There are many opportunities and chances thanks to the growth of the company. The company puts a lot of focus on innovation, which means you can learn and grow in your job. There is a family atmosphere and there is respect for your personal situation, which allows you to have a good balance between work & private life. beMatrix wants to set a good example to its employees by making us aware of and committed to sustainability.
Maarten Maertens, R&D
At beMatrix, we like to make the most out of each individual talent and develop it further with training opportunities. I really enjoy the positive atmosphere and the respect we have for each other. One team!
Jana Buffel, marketing
The exhibition sector is a driving force of the global economy. However, it also has a huge impact on the environment. I find it very motivating that I can contribute to solutions to reduce environmental impact while supporting the global economy. 95% of our turnover is acquired internationally. So this also benefits the Belgian economy!
Sébastien Eeckhout, sales
Working at beMatrix gives me positive vibes! Coming to work every morning with a big smile does wonders. The monthly team lunches are the ideal way to get to know everyone better and catch up with those you see less every day. All colleagues are always willing to give extra explanations if needed. And because we are international and have colleagues all over the world, this is ideal to brush up on your language skills or gather travel tips!
Katrien De Keyser, data management
By working within a company with an international context, I was able to build a large network of contacts as a starter. The event industry can be a stressful and demanding world, but when it comes to results, it is all the more fun to see all your efforts come to a coherent, spectacular and sustainable result where you are "the talk of the town" every time. I would describe my employer as better, faster, stronger and greener. These words encapsulate what beMatrix stands for, what we want to achieve and how we want to inspire and drive our industry in a sustainable way.
Thuline Vanderhaeghen, marketing
beMatrix in three words? Respectful, global, fun! Also, for me it's important that beMatrix is committed to a more sustainable event world. We have to think of the future of our children and our children’s children.
Dominiek Cardoen, procurement
For me, working in the events sector means 'where there is a will, there is a way'. Together with my social and optimistic colleagues, working at beMatrix is very pleasant. beMatrix in three words? Positive, decisive, flexible.
Jellien Meersseman, sales

Curious about our milestones? Take a trip down memory lane.

Starting in 1993 (with the invention of the frame with big holes) up until... today! 

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