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Thuline Vander… Event & Content Creator

beMatrix UK expands with brand new experience showroom and bigger warehouse

May 17, 2024, marked the big showroom opening at beMatrix UK. And that did not go unnoticed: a hundred customers cut the ribbon and celebrated together with the beMatrix team. “It was a day of valuable connections, inspiration and fun!”, says Antony, Managing Director beMatrix UK.

New warehouse for training

Antony: “The number of rental projects in the United Kingdom has been growing massively since the start in 2016, up to the point where a bigger warehouse and a revamped showroom simply have become a prerequisite. Also, our team regularly organises training build-ups, e.g. for the Double Deck – a beloved product in the UK market. The new warehouse gives us the space we need for that.”

With our Rental & Service Centres all over Europe, the UK and the USA, we not only make the life of the stand builder easier, but we commit to a more sustainable event industry. This ecosystem has sprouted from the drive to innovate sustainably and an entrepreneurial attitude, both typical beMatrix cornerstones.

Speech Antony
beMatrix UK

Awake untameable ideas with the system in Aluminium Alley

The current theme at beMatrix's headquarters in Belgium, 'the city that never sleeps', was also extended to the UK in 'Aluminium Alley'. The city keeps evolving with the latest innovations such as the beConstruct profile for high spans and the new LEDskin®. Lots of different constructions and shapes were built and unique materials were used.

Stroll along the most fun streets such as beConstruct Way and LEDskin® Lane. Don't forget: the required speed is 62 km/h wherever you go! ;)

UK event
UK event
Red Dot Bar

What is a city without a bar, right? The Red Dot Bar has been built similar to the one you'll see in our HQ showroom. You see the Glass Frame, perfectly fitting in between b62 frames and a sleek glass door where you can enter the bar. The floor is finished with high-class marble tiles which lifts the room to an extra dimension.

Go inside to see the bar made of iZi-furniture and a rounded bar element on the wall, created with our curved frames. This shows that beMatrix can be used in every 360 dimension.

3D Red Dot Bar

Glass frame
Hybrid jewellery shop

In the jewellery shop, you can observe some of our top products. The gold Double Clamp and a diamond-clad Fast Clamp (the only one of its kind!) are shining in the display window.

Our green shop shows how to combine the beMatrix frame system with wooden elements. For example, look at the door that immediately attracts your attention! The interior with a panelled ceiling is fully finished with prints by Standbuilder, the green exterior by Vertex.

3D jewellery shop

Jewellery shop
fast clamp
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Further strolling into Aluminium Alley, you come across the cinema. The giant double door invites you to take a look inside. Here you'll be amazed by the LEDskin® wall. Once inside, you see the technical back of the LEDskin® wall. Interesting! 

Here you can challenge yourself to an escape room game. Will you manage to escape from the game in time? It's clear: with LEDskin® you add an extra experience and gamification to a stand. We worked together with our partner Immersive AV for this.

3D cinema

Fabric wall and news kiosk

Walking around the city, there is so much to discover. Yes - you're almost lacking eyes. Our centre, The Criscione Square, gives you the best possible view. You take the most #instaworthy photos at the top of the stairs; overlooking the vibrant city! Enjoy your drink, grab a newspaper from the news kiosk and walk right past beConstruct Way into our stylish meeting room.

As you see, we have used our entire product range to bring this city to life. You won't want to miss this! 

3D fabric wall and construction site  3D skyscraper backwall and news kiosk

Meeting room
Meeting and demo room

Maybe you visited beMatrix UK before Alluminium Alley was born... Then you know that this room used to be the old showroom! These square metres have become a pleasant, cosy meeting and demo room now. Plenty of space to experiment with all the frames and parts: you'll discover that our system is child's play. 

Thank you!

We believe in the power of collaboration. This showroom project stands as a testament to the incredible results that emerge when brilliant minds come together. We extend our deepest gratitude to the remarkable companies whose unwavering dedication and expertise have transformed our vision into a breathtaking reality.

Each of these companies has played an indispensable role in the creation of the beMatrix showroom. beMatrix looks forward to continuing this journey of innovation and partnership together!

Space Only (stand building), Taylex (Double Deck building), Standbuilder (printing), Vertex (jewellery shop), Media Co (printing), Priority Graphics (printing), Moss (printing), Hollywood Monster (printing), Immersive (AV & gamification), Insert Productions (AV), JL Live (lighting) and Clarity Events (slat walling).