Sustainability is one of the top priorities on the beMatrix agenda. When making strategic choices or in day-to-day operations, sustainable choices are always part of the decision-making process. Discover how we, as beMatrix, make the world greener on product, company and industry level!


With the development of the world’s first aluminum frame system with big holes in 1993, a real sustainable product baby was born. We are currently developing a footprint calculator for event and stand builders.

Product level


By 2026 it is our goal to be a carbon neutral company through a whole range of reduction projects and by contributing what we could not reduce.

Company level


We go for a positive impact in the complete value chain of our industry with clear sustainable goals. The event industry deserves a bright future.

Industry level

The most
sustainable product
on the market.

b62 frame system

Together with an external partner, we analysed our current and future sustainability goals, resulting in 10 core themes. These core themes form the base of our sustainability strategy which we have written down in a charter. The charter maps out our current policy clearly and will be used as a working document to optimise our sustainable development goals further.

This charter, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, is here to inspire you and your business!


Download the charter
"Sustainable development meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
The Brundtland report 1987
When we join forces with other parties in the value chain, our industry will have a long and prosperous future!
Edwin Van der Vennet, Chief ProjectC!