Thomas Sperry

The history of the connector

The beMatrix connector might be a small item in our product assortment, but it is one of our most important. Since the beginning of beMatrix in 1993, our connector has been combining separate frames into one cohesive structure. In the connector's short history, it has already gone through numerous revisions to become better, more sustainable, and more user-friendly. We keep on going thanks to your feedback. Discover the ongoing evolution of our connector and help us continue making history! 

The history of the connector

1993: Chromed Tube

At DeltaMatrix, the frames were connected using a chromed D30 tube and 2 tension rings. The chromed tube was pushed through the holes of the frames and a ring was fitted at both ends to connect the frames.



However, it was discovered that not only could the frames no longer come apart, but they were not tightly secure to each other either. In addition, you needed a small hex key to adjust the screws in and out. Each bolt thickness needed a different sized hex key, so you needed to bring a whole arsenal of tools to an exhibition build-up each time. This process took up a lot of assembly time, and the tools took up a lot of space that could be put to better use.


2005: Clamp Connector

To securely and firmly connect the frames together, we introduced the Clamp Connector D30. This was a long M6 bolt with 2 nut plates on each side. Only 1 screw was needed to be tightened with an Allen key. This significantly sped up the assembly and disassembly process.

The frames were now nicely attached to each other with no play, but they were not entirely aligned and leveled with each other. This left too much play between frames, which added unnecessary complications. This became a new obstacle for our R&D department to conquer!


2007: Double Clamp Connector

To address the slack between frames, a new intermediate tube implemented in the new connector that ensured frames were leveled against each other. In other words, the frames hung tight to each other without any slack or misalignment. 

The connector was crowned the Double Clamp Connector D30 ANO. Just like previous connectors, you had to tighten the clamp on one side with an Allen key.

2009: BIG INNOVATION: Toolless Connector

We want our system to be simple and easy to use, so any mixed or complex connections are out of bounds. We needed a connector that is usable without any tools for quick mounting and a stable construction. The Toolless connector was born. 

We launched the first beMatrix toolless connector in 2009. With a simple twist of the clamp, you attach your frames to each other. This great innovation allows for much faster assembly & disassembly without needing to lug around extra equipment.



The Toolless Connector, or known at the time as the Manual Double Clamp Connector D30 ANO, provided a solid connection. Frames were pulled together tightly and leveled thanks to the revised connecting tube. The best part is that this connector could be mounted without any tools.

Moreover, this connector could be used for all beMatrix frames. This "toolless" connector has therefore become a fixture within beMatrix. We still work with it, albeit with some slight modifications.


2012: Toolless Connector D30

In 2015, the Toolless Connector D30 entered the market. Simple, user-friendly and durable were the keywords. The clamp became even more user-friendly with its tapered shape and large screw head made of aluminum. 

This clamp is very strong and can now also be used for large builds and outdoor constructions. It's durable with a very long life cycle, lightweight, and manufactured without any chemical surface treatments. Therefore, the Toolless Connector D30 is 100% recyclable to stay true to our sustainability goals.



2015: The Toolless connector 2.0

The aluminum end used to screw the clamp on started to seize up due to the expansion of the aluminum. The clamp also became a bit heavy because of the additional metal. We switched to the current plastic head, made of POM (Polyacetal) to prevent expansion and lower the overall weight of the connector.


2023: The Fast Clamp (patent pending)

The Fast Clamp is the successor to the Toolless connector, bringing our design to its 7th generation. Fast Clamp allows an even faster, easier, stronger and more sustainable toolless connection between two aluminum frames. 

No more twisting! Thanks to the push button located on one side of the connector, an ingenious locking mechanism is activated to lock frames in place. The only twisting necessary is to make fine-tuned adjustments for tightening connections. The Fast Clamp can be left in its position during transport and storage. Last but not least, stock management will be simplified because it remains one piece. No individual parts can get lost or separated from each other.