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Thomas Sperry

The Fast Clamp: the 7th of its generation


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fast clamp
Patent pending

The Fast Clamp is the successor of the Toolless clamp, the 7th of its generation. Fast Clamp allows an even faster, easier, stronger and more sustainable toolless connection between two aluminum frames. What's different? 

fast clamp
The first single one-hand connector

The push button on one side activates an ingenious locking mechanism. No more screwing! This will help exhibit builders reduce their assembling time by half without compromising on build integrity. After pushing the product in place, you only need to make finetuning adjustments by slightly twisting the end cap.

fast clamp
fast clamp
Simplify stock management

The use of the Fast Clamp also simplifies stock management as it remains in one piece. No individual parts can get lost or separated from each other. 

Watch the Fast Clamp product video below
fast clamp