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beMatrix Shows off Amazing New Innovations at EXHIBITORLIVE

Every year, beMatrix looks forward to delighting both current and future customers alike with products and innovations. These new products and innovations are designed to revolutionize the exhibit and live event industry, and this year was no different. This year’s EXHIBITORLIVE booth was the largest on the tradeshow floor thanks to its use of beTruss and beConstruct. For the first time since its launch, beMatrix showcased a Double Deck in their design so guests could get a hands-on experience with this popular product. Keep reading to hear about all the amazing innovations beMatrix showed off this year.

On February 27th and 28th, beMatrix showcased innovations from various product lines at EXHIBITORLIVE in Nashville, Tennessee. EXHIBITORLIVE is the premiere tradeshow for exhibit builders, AV companies, graphics companies, and manufacturers to show what they, and their products, are capable of.

This year, beMatrix wanted to show that we can combine sleek professionalism with having a large structure all without compromising our ability to provide an educational and engaging experience for attendees. Our design was finished with a variety of materials including SEG, Sintra vinyl infills, plexiglass, and real glass. However, at the heart of the design was true beMatrix DNA. Join us as we highlight each of the major beMatrix products used in the construction of our booth, as well as a few other products that we showcased.


Double Deck


Double Deck is the only beMatrix-compatible way to nearly double your booth’s footprint and provide your clients with unique ways to make the most out of their designs. This year, we spiced things up by adding a bar underneath the Double Deck and a private meeting area on the second floor. We even integrated a beTV into one of the walls on the second floor to easily display content to attendees.

3 (1).jpg



Speaking of beTV, it makes for the perfect addition to any design. Just as we easily integrated beTV into our Double Deck, you too can integrate it into any part of your beMatrix design thanks to the display being built directly into beMatrix frames. No need for cumbersome mounting and protruding hardware; beTV is flush and seamless with your design.


Glass Railing


Going back to Double Deck for a minute, we have some unique Double Deck add-ons that can help finish your designs with sleek and professional-looking glass; of course, we’re talking about our Glass Railing. We love the look of glass on a design because of how sleek and clean it looks, but we wanted to match the dark tones of our booth. Thankfully, you can add nearly any kind of glass to the glass railing as long as it’s within specifications, so we went with glass that had a smokey black finish.

4 (2).jpg

Landing Platform


We also showcased Double Deck’s landing platform add-on. The landing platform is easy to incorporate into any existing Double Deck without needing to purchase a new set of stairs. Not only that, the landing platform allows builders to have more flexibility when it comes to their stairs. We made sure our stairs were in the right orientation so as to not block the flow of traffic or go outside the bounds of our exhibit space. This kind of flexibility is crucial when designing a booth.

310 310 ++++.png



With the Double Deck all set up, we still had plenty of available space for signage, but the problem is that we would need something strong to support it. Luckily, beTruss is designed just for such an occasion. beTruss is perfect for supporting load-bearing structures, so it would easily be able to handle the weight of over 10 of our LEDskin® panels without breaking a sweat.




Double Deck is a great way to give your booth a larger footprint, and beTruss is a great way to add additional load-bearing structure to your booth. However, we also wanted something more low-profile that could still make our booth look larger but wouldn’t take away from the sleek and professional look that we were going for. That’s where beConstruct came in. beConstruct was the perfect way to make the most out of every inch of space without disrupting the aesthetic of our booth.

LEDskin P1,5 (8).png

Our NEW P1.5 LEDskin®


We recently announced the launch of a brand new LEDskin® panel: our P1.5, a 1.5mm pixel pitch panel designed for up-close viewing. What better time to show it off than at EXHIBITORLIVE! Because of how seamless it is to integrate, the only things people would notice about this new LEDskin® are its larger viewing angles, better color accuracy, smaller pixel pitch, and the new LED design with a protective coating to prevent dust and fingerprints.




Speaking of showing off differences, we took the opportunity to show off the different kinds of lightboxes that we have available. We integrated 3 of them into one of the walls of our booth: the 62S sideLED, the 124D sideLED, and the 186D sideLED lightboxes. Each of these lightboxes has varying thicknesses to fit with different kinds of walls and design choices.

UnderCovr (1).png



A standard part of our UnderCovr product, our 18kg counterweights can also be used for their own standalone displays. We showcased this to the attendees using a series of frames and plexiglass. These weights fit nicely into our frame reinforcement brackets. These brackets can be installed into your frames, turning any frame into a weighted frame.

Thinking Outside of the Frame

In addition to the various products that beMatrix offers, we also provide a variety of tools that can help the design process move along smoothly. During EXHIBITORLIVE, we showcased a few of these tools that have grown to become vital for any exhibit builder.




Our Inventor plug-in and browser-based design software, beCAD, has been growing in popularity among exhibit builders and designers. To best cater to this audience, we set up two different iZi-Range tables as product demonstration areas. At each station, attendees were given a tour of the software, an overview of functions, and an opportunity to sign up for their own account if they didn’t have one already.

carbon footprint calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator


While showing off beCAD, our staff also took the time to showcase another tool of ours that’s built into the MybeMatrix platform: the Carbon Footprint Calculator. By inputting the types of materials used, the number of times that material is reused, and various other metrics, users can see just how much of a carbon footprint each of their designs has. They’ll also be able to see just how less of an impact the beMatrix system has compared to more traditional methods of exhibit and event building. Attendees got to see firsthand how to use the software and start making an impact in their designs.

Header logo ProjectC

Speaking of Sustainability


We were happy to also take the opportunity to educate our guests on our mission for sustainability. Unlike other manufacturers who use harsh chemicals, resource-intensive materials like steel and wood, and hide behind words like “green”, we provide in-depth reporting on our manufacturing processes and how our products impact the world around us. Our Climate Certified frames ensure that we produce the least amount of emissions possible while making changes at a corporate level to institute lasting sustainability initiatives. Our staff also took the opportunity to go over ProjectC!, a program designed to leverage Sustainable Development Goals for long-term sustainability.