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A Revolutionary Collaboration Illuminates Design and Art

Wise Expo is proud to announce its pivotal role in supporting the groundbreaking Zieta Illustrated exhibition, a captivating fusion of design and art that reimagines iconic Zieta Studio objects through the lens of renowned Polish illustrators. This innovative project celebrates the shared passion for transforming curves into captivating forms, pushing the boundaries of creative expression.



The exhibition showcased at the Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego (IWP) in Warsaw and Galeria Fuzja in Łódź, features a series of limited-edition prints that offer a unique perspective on Zieta Studio's innovative designs. Each print captures the essence of the object while infusing it with the artist's individual style, resulting in a collection that is both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating.


"Wise Expo is honoured to have played a part in bringing Zieta Illustrated to life," said Łukasz Pawłowski, CEO at Wise Expo. "This project exemplifies the power of collaboration to inspire new ways of thinking about design and art. We believe the exhibition will leave a lasting impression on visitors and spark meaningful conversations about the intersection of these two creative fields."


Zieta Illustrated extends beyond the physical exhibition space. To share this extraordinary project with a Polish audience, a limited-edition print publication and an eco-friendly travelling exhibition system have been developed. This innovative approach ensures that the illustrated interpretations and the objects can be experienced together, creating a truly immersive and engaging encounter.

About Wise Expo

Wise Expo is a leading stand-building and design company committed to supporting innovative projects that bridge the gap between creativity and different industries. With a focus on sustainability, Wise Expo strives to foster meaningful collaborations that push the boundaries of artistic expression and design innovation.

About Zieta Studio

Zieta Studio is a renowned design studio celebrated for its pioneering approach to metal forming and iconic furniture and object designs. The studio's innovative use of technology and its commitment to sustainability have earned it international acclaim and a dedicated following.


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