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A golden collaboration in the stand building industry realised for the pioneer in aeronautics, Airbus!

What happens if a beMaster, bePartner in Double Deck and an agency work together? Pure magic on the exhibition floor, we can confirm!

Our Finnish beMaster 'Geronimo Events Oy' and our Swedish bePartner in Double Deck 'Stand Out XPO' teamed up with the Finnish Agency 'TAPAUS'. TAPAUS was the lead partner in this project. They invented this creative design, which was translated into a beMatrix project afterward. Airbus is the pioneer in aeronautics and space-related services.


The result of this cooperation is just a beautiful stand that’s out of this world... Here are some outstanding beMatrified facts we don't want you to miss: 

  • 66 m² was the stand's surface
  • 2 Double Deck sets next to each other raised the floor space with a total of 40 m². The glass railing spiced up the second floor even more.
  • Putting movement into this stand was so important for the show-stopping power. With the content displayed on the LEDskin, you immediately imagined yourself in the galaxy. The beMatrix LEDskin tiles were placed into the form of a mosaic. Outer LEDskin corners were used for a seamless transition. No seam to be seen! 
  • Think BIG, that's what they did. Not less than 320 LEDskin tiles were used, which was a total of 75 m² of LED at the front of the stand.
  • The reuse rate of this stand is 95%. The demo kiosks, LEDskin, the overall stand's structure, furniture, … will be reused over and over again. The flooring is made from 100% recycled material.
  • All in beMatrix, of course! A glimpse from the parts lists: 580 toolless connectors, 484 toolless LEDskin connectors and 323 toolless M8 Pins were used.



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TAPAUS x Geronimo Events Oy x Stand Out XPO