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Adapt scores a touchdown with LEDskin®

Innovating is our thing. Whether it’s tradeshows, retail spaces, or live events, beMatrix does it all. In comes Adapt, a Swedish AV company, that took this philosophy to another level. Adapt has been using LEDskin® since it first came to market, so they knew how easily they could use the beMatrix system to get the perfect shots. Their project: creating a Superbowl commercial for Polestar’s new electric vehicle. With millions of people watching, they were able to create a stunning production that Polestar loved.

Adapt has been an early adopter of our LEDskin® technology, consistently using our panels since their introduction to the market. Setting the scene only took two days, eight people, and zero tools. The modular design of the LEDskin® frames meant Adapt could arrange the frames any way they needed, so all they had to focus on was getting the perfect shot. 

Project info
Adapt (SE)
Polestar commercial