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615 m² stand for Panasonic

A big, curved look stand with straight beMatrix frames and straight LEDskin®. Impossible? Not for stand builder LÜCO of Germany (LÜCO Internationaler Messebau Nord GmbH)! The design is by Exhibitree. They created this incredible 615 m² stand for Panasonic Europe at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH.

By placing the frames side by side with a slight difference in positioning each time, you create the effect that the stand is built with curved frames. Nothing could be further from the truth. The whole thing is built from just straight frames. Looks great, don’t you think? The dazzling LEDskin® wall, fully created with our rental LEDskin® from AVMS GmbH tops it all off. Another great partnership and sharing of knowledge!
Inside the stand, they created small, separate rooms by combining a wooden circle entrance piece with straight frames. You see once again; you still can customise a modular system. Another remarkable element is the endless desk. Great finish on the outside, storage room on the inside.

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