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The beMatrix product range creates endless options for event and stand builders. Check out our range for indoor and outdoor use, whether your construction is temporary or permanent.

Since we produce the system in-house from A to Z, we are in control of every step in the production process.



Original wall frame system with big holes, according to the 62mm grid.

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The beMatrix lightboxes can easily be integrated and perfectly be aligned with our frame system without any extra tools.

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The world of stand building never ceases to evolve.

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Bring movement into your stand with the AV Solutions.

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To enhance the simplicity and ease of use of our system, no mixed or complex connections. Quick mounting and a stable construction is guaranteed by

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Put your stand in the spotlight with our lighting solutions. Discover the ceLight, SAM light and all necessary cabling.

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beMatrix offers a complete variety of accessories to finish your stand to perfection We can provide printed panels or textiles, light solutions, fl

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In addition to the versatile beMatrix frame system and its endless options, we now also offer the iZi-range: modular furniture such as bars, tables

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In order to always put ease of use first for the customer, beMatrix offers several standard packages.

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The world is evolving, and so is beMatrix. Take advantage of our new innovations pop-IN, pop-OUT.

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Frames: 360

360° concept

The modular frames can be assembled into a unique stand where walls, floor and ceiling harmoniously blend into one.

Thanks to this reusability factor, beMatrix is always a great investment with a high return. 


Whether you already have years of experience with beMatrix or you are taking your first steps, the beCAD design tool helps you to convert your great ideas into beMatrix frames!

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Discover our brochure with all the possibilities the beMatrix system has to offer.

You will be introduced to the complete portfolio of the beMatrix product range: frames, indoor and outdoor pop-ups, accessories, lighting solutions, finishing options, inspiration for modular furniture etc.

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