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SOS – sustainable print

Every bePartner we work with is verified and certified by us. These partners have the same mindset as beMatrix when it comes to sustainability: Become carbon neutral, or at least limit and reduce the CO2 released during production. Defining, measuring and offsetting emissions are the key concepts here. Here are some examples of the initiatives our partners of the printing companies are working on and which authorities exist in the different European countries.


Use ISO standards

Standards are best practices. They describe the best way to do something. Like making a product, delivering a service or managing a process. Most of our bePartners print their quality and environmental matters are managed in accordance with the standards of the ISO 9001, quality management and ISO 14001, environmental management. Check what they can do for you.

Read about ISO 9001 Read about ISO 14001


Imprim’vert® (FR)

bePartners Ateliers Cassandre and La Romaine of France both achieved the Imprim'vert® label. The aim of this label is to reduce the environmental impact of printing activities by encouraging them to take practical steps in this process. Thanks to a wide-range collaboration between numerous players in the printing industry this label enrolled a network of operational and pragmatic skills to help printing businesses innovate and adapt to changes in their environment.

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Carbon Neutral Company

Together with ClimatePartner, bePartner print Moss of Germany defined, measured, and offset the carbon emissions related to their plant operations. This includes emissions from sources such as energy and heating, business travel, and employee commuting related to our operations.  

Their focus is the same as ours: first in-house carbon reduction, then reducing as much as possible of the contributing emissions through carbon offset projects. Check their efforts on the ClimatePartner page, it’s really inspiring!

Climate Partner page Moss


Of course, other bePartners print are also taking efforts on their ecological responsibility. PPS of Germany invests in certified climate protection projects from KlimaInvest Green Concepts GmbH. This way, they fully offset the emitted CO² emissions that are made during production. For the period from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023, for example, PPS. managed to offset at least 632 tonnes of CO² emissions with a positive impact on the climate.