Climate Certified Frame
Jana Buffel Creatieve Marketing Coödinator

Going epic for the planet: the event industry's first ClimatePartner Certified frames are beMatrix!

We are beyond proud to announce that beMatrix managed to make a substantial part of our product range CLIMATEPARTNER CERTIFIED. We are talking about 90% of our ECO+ frames, produced on our automatic line in Belgium and used globally.

These frames now have a small ClimatePartner Certified label, though making a huge impact. Climate Partner, a German independent organisation, assists companies in calculating and reducing CO2 emissions and finances climate projects. 

Climate Certified Frame



What is included in the calculations for this certificate? To be complete, we took the footprint of the following products: 
•    All straight frames produced on our automatic line with the ECO+ finish
•    The toolless connector 
•    4-pin 180 D30 ECO
We took the full product lifecycle into account and received the CRADLE TO CUSTOMER + END OF LIFE certificate. 

Download the full certificate per frame dimension

9.000 tonnes CO2 


We applied various measures in the production process and for our most common frame, for example, we reduced the footprint by 72%. By doing this for 90% of our product range, we reduce our emissions by more than 9.000 tonnes CO2

Does 9.000 tonnes not mean much to you? That’s the emission equivalent of 1.4 million cheeseburgers, according to The Carbon Footprint of Everything by expert Mike Breners-Lee. 

78.5% recycled aluminium ♺


Let's talk core material: aluminium. In 2019, our frames contained 33% recycled aluminium. Today, they’re made of more than 78.5% recycled aluminium.

As a beMatrix customer, you now buy CLIMATEPARTNER CERTIFIED frames. All our measures, numbers and contributions can be tracked by scanning the QR code next to the ClimatePartner label on the frame itself or you can download the certificates here. With this, you can offer a unique value to your customers. You can differentiate yourself from competitors. You can keep doing epic shit.

Download the full certificate per frame dimension



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