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Two robust LEDskin® cabinets launched at ISE 2024. Phenomenal "the sky is the limit" experiences!

We launched two new LEDskin® cabinets with pixel pitches 1,5 and 2,5. Both products have their specific LED technology that will please any customer in the demanding LED market.

What's new?
  • P1,5 496x496 LEDskin® with COB LED technology
    COB (Chip on Board) technology is new in the rental market where a single device with many LED chips is mounted on a thermally efficient substrate placed below a uniform phosphor coating. This technology is the most durable. Powered by Unilumin and beMatrix.
  • P2,5 496x496 LEDskin® with IMD 2in1 technology
    IMD (Integrated Matrix Devices) 2in1 technology is used here. Two groups of RGB diodes are gathered in a small unit. A LED technology that meets the current market demand in terms of both appearance and performance. Powered by Infiled and beMatrix.

Seamless LED integration

Back in 2017, beMatrix was the first to launch the LEDskin®, a LED system for the construction of exhibition stands. The elements may be placed together in any combination to create large and seamless video screens of different forms. All cables can be hidden and this module fits perfectly in our b62 modular frame system. 

Project info
Diseños internacionales
Infuse Communication AB
ISE 2024, Barcelona